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Sports Photographer Audition

Sports Photographer Audition

My audition as a sports photographer for Beckley Newspaper’s Register-Herald was on Friday, September 3 and it was great to be photographing a high school football game.

I’ve always thought it would be very cool to be a sports photographer with the local newspaper. In high school, I played football so I already have a love for the game. What a great way to be a part of that high school football experience once again.

Liberty Football Running Back against Oak Hill defense
Oak Hill Football running back tries to escape Liberty WV defenders

A few weeks ago I called Rick Barbero, the head photographer with the Beckley Register-Herald. I asked him if they might need a freelance photographer to help out with high school football. He said they occasionally have a need for one and to come on down to meet him. I had a good time meeting him and the other photographers at the paper. He looked at my work and my gear. In fact, on the phone he asked me to bring in my gear so he can check it out and see what I’m using. Me, being somewhat over the top, what do I do? I packed up all my gear in all my black bags and took it in there! LOL.

Me, being somewhat over the top, what do I do? I packed up all my gear in all my black bags and took it in there! LOL. I look all of my light stands in their big black bag. I packed up all my speedlites in their special bag with the remote trigger and all my light modifiers. I loaded up my main bag with my lenses. I thought he would get a kick out of it. He walks out to meet me and cracks up. I thought it was a good way to crack the ice.

He said “why don’t you go out to a game tomorrow, take some pictures and show me what you can do.” The game I went to was Oak Hill vs. Liberty. Lonni Warwick is a local football legend and he was tossing the coin. Lonni played in Super Bowl IV and was the starting middle linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings for 9 years.

It was a great time being out there on the sidelines of the football game. The smell of hot dogs and popcorn was in the air. The high school band was playing. I was close to the action and I could hear the contact of pads from defenders making tackles as well as the coaches yelling at the players. It was great to be a part of it all.

Liberty WV Football running back attempts to fool Oak Hill Defenders
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